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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Information About Your TimberShot

Printing photos on wood is quickly gaining in popularity as a great alternative to typical photo paper or canvas prints for one major reason:  the natural beauty of the wood grain shows through your image, creating an incredibly unique and natural/rustic look!

Note:  At TimberShots, we intentionally do not print white ink in any of our photos.  This dramatically enhances that natural wood grain appearance in your photos, bringing them to life in a way canvas simply can't!

If you want that enhanced wood grain look to really show:

We recommend using a photo that has a lot of lighter-colored areas.  For instance, photos that have large sections of white/light-colored skies will result in a good amount of that wood grain look coming through the image.

Want less of that wood grain to show through?

A darker photo with not a lot of bright light colored areas would result in a minimal amount of the wood grain look showing through your print.  You will still see slight hints of the grain, however it will have more of a photo-like/canvas print appearance.  HOWEVER, you will still clearly be able to see the natural wood exposed on the sides of your print, making it a great piece for any wall, work desk, coffee table, etc!


Another amazing feature of getting your favorite photos printed onto wood?  No two TimberShots will ever be the same!

Due to the fact that we are using 100% real Baltic Birch, each piece of wood used in the creation of a TimberShot has its own unique wood grain pattern/story.

What you see in our custom builder is wood grain pattern from one of our real Baltic Birch pieces, and a preview of how that wood grain will show through your printed image.  Your specific piece of wood will have its own unique wood grain pattern, and you may experience a bit more or a bit less of the wood grain showing through your image than what you see in the preview. We choose each wood piece carefully to ensure the wood grain flows cleanly with your image.  We promise you will love the uniqueness of your print!

The answer to this depends on the size of the TimberShot you order!

Regardless of size, we highly recommend using a photo with a minimum of 300dpi in order to avoid any blurriness in your final print (printers can only print in as high of quality as the images given to them!)

When you enter the custom TimberShot editor, we have outlined the minimum recommended quality for each size of print for your reference.

Important Note:  We cannot offer a return/refund for any print that ends up blurry due to choosing a low quality photo.  We will do our best to alert you prior to us printing your order if your image is not high enough quality for the size of TimberShot you ordered.

TimberShots recognizes the environmental impact using real wood as our canvases has.  As such, we have taken multiple measures to give back to the environment, and avoid destruction of the environment in the first place!

First, we at TimberShots have taken steps to only work with wood suppliers who source their wood using sustainable forestry practices.  We do this in order to reduce as much environmental impact on the forests our wood is sourced from as possible.

Second, in order to give back to the environment which supplies us with the wood we use to make our products, we have teamed up with, a nonprofit 501c3 organization that focuses on global reforestation in areas that have been destroyed due to natural causes such as wildfires as well as non-natural causes such as excessive logging.

Each TimberShot ordered by our customers will result in one tree being planted in the Colorado Rockies, which was ravaged by 12 separate wildfires in 2013, resulting in 107,000 football fields of trees being burned down.

Yes you may!  This custom size can be ordered through our Custom Sizing link here

Please note that for these custom size orders, there will be a 2 - 3 week turnaround time from order date to shipment because of the custom nature of the order.

We recommend uploading a high resolution (ideally 300 dpi) .jpg, .png, or .tiff.  Have a photo with a different file type and want to know if we can use it?  Feel free to reach out to with your photo and we will happily let you know!

You have multiple options to display your brand new TimberShot, which also depends on the size you ordered!

For TimberShots of all sizes:

On every single TimberShot our customers order, we place horizontal and vertical slots which allow for incredibly easy hanging on walls using screws and drywall mounts provided with your shipment.  We have included instructions showing how simple it is to hang a TimberShot on your wall.

For TimberShots Larger than 16"

When checking out, we offer the option to purchase a 24" natural wooden table-top easel, perfect for displaying your new work of art in your home, at a wedding event, in an office room or anywhere you can think of!

For TimberShots 16" and below:

We offer you the option at checkout to add a free handmade wooden TimberShot stand, which allows you to easily put your print on display on a coffee table, work desk, or any flat surface you want!

Absolutely!  Using a TimberShot for special displays like outdoor weddings, or simply hanging it on a wall in your backyard are a breeze due to our unique wood coating method.  This special coating protects from UV rays, is water resistant, and is so durable, you can actually simply wipe your TimberShot down with water and a cloth!

We offer a 3 week (from receiving your TimberShot) NO QUESTIONS ASKED return policy on your order.

Please click here to be taken to our Returns Policy page for additional information.

Purchasing & Shipping Details

Once you place an order for your TimberShot, you can expect your finished print to be completed within 3 - 5 business days (Monday through Friday).  This turnaround time increases to 2 - 3 weeks if you have ordered a custom sized TimberShot, as these need to be specially made.  Read below for holiday season turnaround times!

Once completed, we will ship your order out immediately to get it to you ASAP.

Need your order rushed?

No problem!  We offer both a 2-day or 3-day guaranteed completion option which you can add on to your order for an additional fee.  Please Note you must also select one of our rush shipping options at checkout if you would also like to speed up the time it takes to ship your TimberShot to you.

Holiday Season Turnaround Times

We understand how important it is during the holiday season to get your gifts on time.  Your turnaround time can vary depending on the volume of orders we are receiving, however you can expect your order to be completed and ready to be shipped within 5 - 8 business days (Monday through Friday) of your order date.  Please Note you must also select one of our rush shipping options at checkout if you would also like to speed up the time it takes for your shipment to arrive (Also note post office turnaround times are slower during holidays).

When choosing your shipping option, we will provide you with a number of days range you can expect your shipment to be in transit.  Once your TimberShot is shipped out, we are no longer in control of the time it takes to arrive to you.  Depending on the shipping method you choose (standard, rush, etc.), the various postal services will guarantee a certain number of days.

For standard shipping (domestic), you can generally expect your order to arrive between 3 - 6 business days depending on your location within the U.S.

For expedited shipping, this will depend on the expedited shipping option you select (ex: 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, etc.).

For international shipping, you can expect your order to arrive anywhere between 7 - 15 days.